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Basic shoe wash

Basic shoe wash

Revive Shoe laundry offers cleaning, repairing & polishing of footwear. We undertake all cleaning & repairing of sports, nubuck/ suede, leather, men’s & children’s shoes or ladies’ footwear.

The Shoe Laundry is a service which comes to the customer, where they want. All it takes from you is a phone call or a message to our helpline and before you know, the footwear is picked, serviced and delivered back to you. We treat each shoe to the same standards of service, at The Shoe Laundry, we have designed our own 7 Step service model to ensure, perfect quality and customer delight.

Your order is taken to ensure that the footwear is not damaged. The solvents and solutions used in each cleaning process are especially meant for the type of shoes being cleaned.

The shoes are cleaned thoroughly at our workshop, using disinfectants, special solvents and then dried through natural evaporation. The shoes are then sent back to the shop where a quality check is done. Lastly, the footwear is packed in a special Reboot cover, ready to be delivered back to your place.